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StartUp Cup Executive Vice President, Dalia AlSaid, CEO & Founder of StartUp Cup & Co-Founder WECREATE, Sean Griffin, Program Manager | Entrepreneurship & Gender Adviser | U.S. Diplomat U.S. Department of State, Africa Bureau, Economic Regional Affairs, Fonta Gilliam, WECREATE | KENYA Grants Officer, Dr. Onsomu Onchonga during the launch celebration.

Back in July 2015 during the GES Summit, United States President, Mr. Barrack Obama promised the establishment of entrepreneurial centres to empower women in the society. This was a topic that he was really keen on during the summit and is quoted saying;

 “Women are powerhouse entrepreneurs. The research shows that when women entrepreneurs succeed, they drive economic growth and invest more back into their families and communities”

The WECREATE Kenya Centre is the second one to be opened in Africa. The other centre is at Zambia and another to be opened in Mali in the next coming months. A couple of others have been set up in Pakistan and Cambodia. Over the course of time, more centres will be opened up throughout the African continent.

The event was graced by the American Ambassador to Kenya, Mr. Robert F Godec who was pleased to see the rapid actualization of the centres from the President’s promise last year. He said that this shows the level of commitment that the President and the US government has on the support to empower women entrepreneurs. He thanked the government for creating an environment for a place like the WECREATE Centre to exist.

“The Centre provides women with networking opportunities, where startups can begin to explore new ideas, where women with no business experience can find resources to help them develop and expand and in doing so create new possibilities for themselves and their families”, described the Ambassador, Mr. Godec

Originally published in Techweez 02.17.16 | Read the full article here.