His Excellency Dr. Sok Siphan and U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh, Cambodia Chargé d’ affaires Julie Chung cut the ribbon officially opening the WECREATE | CAMBODIA Women’s Entrepreneurship Center.

Our network of WECREATE Women’s Entrepreneurship Centers continues to expand with the launch of the WECREATE | CAMBODIA Center in Phnom Penh on September 18, 2015.

Women run most of the businesses in Cambodia, but they often lack the resources or know-how to sustain or expand them, a reality that prompted the launch on Friday of WECREATE | CAMBODIA, a project that aims to help businesswomen excel.

The organization will support female entrepreneurs by providing them with mentoring, coaching, networking and business strategies in order to establish or advance their business plans, said Chantha Nguon, WECREATE’s Event and Program Director. 

“We focus on women that have a dream, but it’s very difficult for her

[to pursue], so we can give her an idea of how to start,” she said.

According to a March report by the Asian Development Bank, women account for about 65 percent of business owners in the country. A lack of business training, however, contributes to their businesses often falling behind those of men, the report says. Read the full article here.