Self-Guided Visual Thinking Tools

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Internationally renowned CEO & Founder of GriffinWorx, Sean K. Griffin brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience designing visual thinking business building tools and models. TheVizToolz® collection reaps from a wealth of diverse global experiences to bring you a collection of beautifully simple self-guided visual thinking tools designed to unlock innovative thinking along with a deeper understanding of what drives increased collaboration. Utilized by over 250,000 business builders, the VizToolz featured here includes the StartUp Cup Cookbook and Business Model Score Card proven to inspire collective action that accelerates designing, testing and building any type of business.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the early stages of your business or ready to take an existing business to the next level, this visual thinking guide will increase your chances of long-term success and support reducing the odds of failure.

Are you ready to build a better business using the power of visual thinking to accelerate your success?

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Business Model Scorecard™
Business Model ScorecardThe Business Model Scorecard (BMSC) is designed specifically to support entrepreneurs, with any type of idea, to work through the universal steps of designing and building a viable business model reducing the time it takes to go to market and start generating revenue.


Opportunity Filter™
Opportunity filterYou’ve got what you think is a great idea, now what? The Opportunity Filter supports validating new ideas and enhance critical thinking about the necessary steps required to move an idea forward.



Team Development™
Team Development - viztoolzNothing of greatness is created without a team! The Team Development VizToolwill support you to think through the talent requirements needed to start and build your new company. The number one reason for startup failure is not lack funding. It is lack of a qualified and experienced team. Become a collector of quality people today!


Action Plan™
The difference between those that achieve their visions and those that don’t comes down to those that ACT. You have to take action if you are to create that which you most desire in life. The Action Plan VizTool will support you to accelerate achieving your startup goals and objectives.


Communication Game Plan
Communication VizToolReaching your target audience is an art form that leverages marketing communication channels such as social media, advertising, guerrilla marketing and public relations. The Communication Game Plan will support you with deciding who to target, how to reach your audience, what message to send, and when to change your communication plan.


Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Blueprint™
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem BlueprintEntrepreneurship thrives in ecosystems where multiple stakeholders are active and playing key roles. The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Blueprint will enable your community to self-facilitate the design and building of a robust and successful entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports growing a locally-driven culture of startups.

The StartUp Cookbook

The StartUp Cookbook

The StartUp Cookbook is our visually driven step-by-step guide to designing and building a sustainable business along with the entire collection of VizToolz in one easy download.