Your ability to draw images, even stick figures, representing your thoughts and visions has a powerful ability to accelerate their manifestation. Visual thinking helps you focus and think more clearly, boost your creative I.Q. and think bigger thoughts.

Some of the most famous thinkers in history, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and John F. Kennedy, have been visual thinkers.  Leonardo da Vinci, considered by many to be the greatest thinker of all time, started every meaningful brainstorm with a visual.

You can create what you want in your life. Visual thinking will help you get to where you want to go even faster.

Drawing Out Your Best

When visual thinking, work to not think too much about what you are drawing, go with the flow in a kind of stream of consciousness. Focus your thinking, energy and drawing on what you want to create, a problem to be solve, or new idea in development.

Some things to think about as you advance your visual thinking journey:

  • What medium will you use to visualize your thoughts?
    • Sketchbook
    • iPad
    • Copy paper
    • Table cloth
    • Butcher paper
  • Draw images by using single lines, connecting each to create images
  • Let your hand and fingers take the lead as you visualize
  • Consider where you are going to place images on the page
  • Work toward creating a visual journal of your startup ideations
  • Becoming a Visual Thinker only takes a little practice, persistence and commitment

Working With Your Brains Natural Ability to Organize Information

Focus on letting go of the childhood programming that has stifled your creative talents and instead embrace your ability to draw, no matter how you think it looks. Visual thinking will enable you to take hold of a key that has the potential to unlock and open the door to achieve a whole new level of performance and as an outcome design a better startup.

When you think it, visualize it, and believe it, anything becomes possible.