Sean Griffin, CEO and Founder of StartUp Cup, recently shared his thoughts about what it takes to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in any town. And while we might think of larger cities for this, sometimes they can happen in the most unlikely of places.

An entrepreneurial ecosystem has sprouted in what some would say is a most unexpected community. It has all the elements of a large city effort, including support for technology startups as well as the 98 percent of startups that are not technology-based.

Partnerships have been forged to include entrepreneurs and investors, government and private enterprise, professional and academic, and national and global programs. Short-term weekend programs and long-term multi-month programs, accelerator space and increased funding options have emerged. All of these efforts are focused on catering to entrepreneurs of varying degrees of experience in starting a new business, as well as those in various stages of business growth. Read more (and then come back here…)