Euphrasia Mapulanga is one of Griffinworx’s StartUp Academy 2015 first flight graduates. Euphrasia has spent the last 5 years growing her agribusiness with a focus on production.

Being disabled, Euphrasia knows too well the stigma and discrimination that comes with her condition. At 32, she considers herself a living proof of a woman who, against all odds, leads a successful life as a self-employed farmer without letting challenges stop her from realizing her dream.

Euphresia Mapulanga










Euphrasia’s life today

Today, Euphrasia works hard to provide quality and natural farm products to her customers and puts in all the time and effort to ensure she realizes repeatable revenue to keep her business going. She encourages other women with disabilities to establish their own business as a means to gain their economic independence.

“Start a business with whatever money you have. You don’t need to have a lot of money when starting a business. Learn to persevere.” – Euphrasia Mapulanga










Having been in business for over twenty years now, she began as a trader selling at the market before going into practical training in farming, which enhanced her skill and expanded her experience. With additional exposure to the use of the Griffinworx’s Business Model Score Card through the Center, Euphrasia has had the advantage of re-working her business model, developed from idea stage into a
viable business that she can now competently brag about. She stresses that this helped her realize that her earning potential was bigger than she could ever imagine.

Euphrasia began her farming business with ZMK 200.00 (approximately US$ 16), using borrowed farming tools and equipment with only her nephew in her team to help with the ploughing and planting. She explains how she bootstrapped her business by exchanging her clothes for chickens with families living in a farming community near Lusaka. Later on, she would sell the chickens at the market for profit. This enabled her to build trust and confidence with her clients and, over time, as the business developed, she was able to buy a piece of land including seed for her farming business which was a dream
come true.

Euphrasia and StartUp Academy

Euphrasia credits much of the strengthening of her core business management skills to Griffinworx. Through the StartUp Academy and Build-A-Business Workshops, Euphrasia has mastered the skill and technical ‘know how’ of designing and building a business using simple techniques such as bootstrapping. This has helped her to go to market faster, secure customers and to begin generating
revenue. Her monthly net income from producing and selling rice, beans and cassava, now ranges between ZMK 15,000 to ZMK 20,000.00. This has enabled her to keep her children in school, meet medical expenses and feed her family.











Euphrasia has since employed 4 additional full time staff and 11 casual workers.



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