Henry Damulira faced many challenges, like many entrepreneurs from around the world. He came from a poor family, and as he grew up, he realized that he had a solution to a problem that many in his situation were facing. As a young child, he would fetch water by hand with the goal of saving enough money to buy a bicycle, which would allow him to fetch more water and make more money. Like many people, Henry had trouble saving money, and when he was walking around one day, he bought a baseball cap with the money he was saving for a bicycle.

In Africa roughly 90% of the population are unbanked, many of which lose their money, not from the ability to save, but because of having to keep all their money in their houses, leaving it vulnerable to theft, fire, or even worse, a husband keeping money from his wife not allowing her to create her own life.

Seeing all of the issues the unbanked faced, Henry decided to create Airsave, a company that allows members to create a digital account, and save a set amount of money for a given period of time. He started offline at his local church, allowing members to drop off money or valuables for a set amount of time. After seeing the success, Henry took the company digital with over 20,000 members across Uganda in 20 districts in less than six months without advertisement or promotion. Airsave is in the process of signing up 40,000 churches with a reach of over 4,000,000 people.AirSave logo

After competing in the Uganda StartUp Cup and taking 2nd place Africa StartUp Cup, Henry has received an unprecedented amount of recognition from his country including being interviewed on the National Uganda Television Station. He hopes to continue the success and grow Airsave beyond Uganda in the next few years. Airsave will compete in World StartUp Cup taking place in Washington, DC