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In Pakistan, a country generally and somewhat incorrectly perceived to be a troubled state due to disturbances in its remote areas and its participation in the global fight against terrorism, entrepreneurship is on the rise.

The past three days have provided for an exhilarating and personally rewarding experience as I mentored the participants of Pakistan’s first StartUp Cup, a wonderfully structured business model competition developed by Sean Griffin.

TiE Islamabad Chapter, in collaboration with some local and foreign sponsors, spearheaded this nationwide initiative to support entrepreneurship in the country. I was infected when the StartUp Cup reached Lahore.

Murtaza Zaidi, the executive director of the TiE Islamabad Chapter, told me that the competition received over 400 applications from across Pakistan, the highest ever among over 50 StartUp Cups organized in over 40 countries worldwide. A panel of judges had to filter the applicants down to fewer than 200. 50 of these startups were selected from Lahore. Read more from the TECHINASIA site.