In a world where a vast majority of support is given to technology startups there is now support for the other 6.7 million* entrepreneurs starting a new business. StartUp Cup Powered by GriffinWorx  is a grassroots, locally driven, business model competition that can be replicated in any community. Local StartUp Cups are open to any kind of business and this proven model has already helped launch more than forty-six businesses since its creation in 2007.

“Entrepreneurs are the solution to our current economic crisis but communities are challenged to support a diverse entrepreneurial climate,” said CEO & Founder of GriffinWorx, Sean Griffin. “Look at any city and you will see hit and miss, short-term efforts, but nothing provides the long-term support needed and truly develops a business and business owner over the long haul.”

The fundamentals of StartUp Cup were developed in Silicon Valley during the dot-com era and transplanted to Tulsa, Oklahoma beginning in 2007. After five years of testing and refinement, the model is being offered to other communities to replicate.

Local StartUp Cup participants will develop a viable business model through a seven-month judging, coaching, and mentoring process. StartUp Cup provides all the tools needed to drive this competition. Organizations purchasing a $199 license will receive a step by step guide, access to an online project management system, website template and hosting to promote their efforts, bi-weekly coaching, and online support. Communities may upgrade for more support if they feel it is needed.

“There is no one size fits all template for entrepreneurial development. Each entrepreneur is unique and has unique needs. There must be a human element, someone who can identify and support these unique needs. Most important, the support must be long term,” said Griffin.


GriffinWorx is an inclusive economic and gender empowerment organization that helps our partners achieve meaningful and enduring impact around the world. We bring the entrepreneurial spirit, courage and innovation of a world-class firm to address some of the world’s toughest challenges. The organization operates a portfolio of proprietary economic empowerment programs including, WECREATE, StartUp Cup, StartUp Academy and Mentor Certification operate in over 60 countries resulting in nearly 4,000 businesses, created over 40,000 jobs and generated over $744 million in economic impact.