At StartUp Cup we believe the role of Mentor to an aspiring entrepreneur is sacred. However, just because mentors have strong business experience does not mean they have the skills necessary to provide the constructive feedback that builds relationship and trust with aspiring entrepreneurs.

StartUp Cup Mentor, Darren Fuqua

StartUp Cup Mentor, Darren Fuqua mentoring aspiring Egyptian entrepreneurs through the business model design process using the Business Model Scorecard.

By stepping into the role of Mentor, you are taking on the responsibility of role model, motivator, advisor, coach, and door-opener, knowing that the only reward is in seeing the successes and failures of the entrepreneur you are mentoring. Mentors who live the six core entrepreneur mentoring principles outlined here increase their opportunity to positively impact aspiring entrepreneurs while supporting them to overcome the many challenges and obstacles faced when designing and building a new business.

Real World Experience
Mentors contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs by coaching them through experiences and skills that are not learned through academic practice. The real world experiences that a mentor has gone through hold the keys to advancing an entrepreneurs goals and objectives.

Deep Listening
Listening is one of the most powerful tools that is needed for us to learn, to imagine, and to create new solutions. We were born with one mouth and two ears, and should be using them accordingly. Listening means talking less, listening to what is being said above and below the surface, and listening for the unsaid.

Relationship Building 
Relationships are one of the keys to unlocking business success. Successful mentoring requires meaningful and positive relationship building as one of the first steps. Building meaningful relationships takes special effort from both sides to be productive and rewarding.

Give it Away!
True selflessness and altruism are rare today. As a mentor your value comes from the wisdom and insights you give away.  The more you give away the more you receive. The more you give away the more you support people to reach their full potential.

Tough Love
Sometimes we all need a “whack upside the head” and entrepreneurs are no different. There are times when a mentoring situation necessitates the need to dispense a good dose of honest truth, or what we call “tough love.”

Strategic Questioning 
Knowing the right question to ask at just the right time has the power to elevate an entrepreneur’s thinking to an entirely new level and increase their odds of success. Strategic questioning invites the entrepreneur to shift their thinking. It invokes creative thinking that encourages fresh ideas to meet the challenges at hand.

Learn more about one of the most rewarding journey’s there is … the role of Mentor. Download the StartUp Cup Mentor Playbook today.