GriffinWorx Igniting Collective Action

Combining visually driven tools with an experienced team, we implement a wide range of mission critical initiatives including public-private partnerships, startup challenges, entrepreneurial centers and hubs, ecosystem building, mentor network development, conferences, organization capacity building, strategic planning and execution. GriffinWorx unleashes the power of collective action visually, making project goals and objectives more understandable, easier to communicate and faster to implement. Most importantly, the visuals awaken the full potential of individuals and organizations to naturally innovate and change.

Capacity Building

GriffinWorx builds the capacity of business service providers, NGOs, governments, and communities to grow an inclusive and innovative ecosystem


We are exceptional at helping organizations and teams accelerate the realization of their goals and objectives

Experiential Training

GriffinWorx offers a diversity of trainings including: mentor certification, programming and methodology, staff and team development


Our training is highly experiential, real-world based and driven by visual and design thinking tools


GriffinWorx specializes in
building, operating, and
transferring entrepreneurial
community centers


No matter the cultural context or regional challenge our programming and teams deliver high value impact

Program Design

GriffinWorx is exceptional at designing programs that achieve client goals, exceed impact targets, and transform visions into reality


Our program designs provide a roadmap to effectively maximize human capital and financial resources reinforcing collective action

The GriffinWorx Advantage

GriffinWorx approach to projects is adaptive, measurable and results-oriented. We engage communities, individuals, organizations and governments to unlock innovative solutions to the systems that block economic empowerment and the realization of human potential. Our unique design and visual thinking approach is bringing increased value to our clients and partners throughout the world.

Why GriffinWorx

      • Accelerated learning, real-time adaptation driving increased project impact
      • Igniting collective action, building team spirit focused on goals and objectives
      • Accelerating project implementation, sustainability, rapid and lasting impact
      • Global network of hyper-local partners, no learning curve, implement today
      • Innovative, entrepreneurial, creative and fun to work with

What Client’s Say

StartUp Cup has been a catalyst to growing Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem while growing the quality and quantity of entrepreneurs and mentors. Year after year, 95% of the entrepreneurs who participate in Pakistan StartUp Cup design and develop viable business models and grow sustainable businesses.”
Zeeshan Shahid, TiE Islamabad and Pakistan StartUp Cup Organizer