WECREATE | MALIStartUp Cup in partnership with the U.S. State Department, will implement the AWEP WECREATE | MALI Center in 2016-2017. The WECREATE Center, like both in Zambia and Kenya, will provide critical business information and tools specific to the needs of women business owners, a safe haven where networking and workshops take place on a regular basis, and an incubator where new and existing women owned businesses join to support that grows sustainable businesses and jobs.

The WECREATE Centers will provide women with training, mentorship, and pitch competitions, all to design and develop a female focused entrepreneurial ecosystem, and facilitate women-based service provider organizational development.

The Centers will also provide training to men and boys to help champion female entrepreneurship and reduce gender based violence. This platform will reinvent how women entrepreneurs scale up and build new businesses. Open to any type of business idea and driven by a local network of seasoned mentors and coaches, entrepreneurs will receive tailored mentorship, corporate connections, media attention, and access to global resources that are critical for women entrepreneurs to succeed.

The AWEP-WECREATE | MALI Center will also partner with existing women’s empowerment institutions in-country to provide resources to overcome challenges women business-owners face, connect women entrepreneurs to the regional and global economies, and strengthen support for entrepreneurship by building government capacity and creating new finance facilities.

Download the full RFA here: FINAL RFP WECREATE _ MALI Center (Francais)- deadline extended and FINAL RFP WECREATE _ MALI Center- deadline extended. Deadline for submissions is July 29, 2016.