SEARCHING FOR: StartUp Mentors April 27/28 San Jose, Costa Rica

Amazon Web Services in collaboration with GriffinWorx is hosting an Extreme Build-A-Business Workshop, aimed at developing innovation entrepreneurs and business builders through a highly experiential visual thinking, mentor-driven program being held April 27 and 28 at the Real InterContinental Costa Rica.

We invite you to become a certified GriffinWorx mentor through their globally renowned innovative business building program and visually driven Extreme Build-A-Business Workshop event.

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 Searching for the following innovative and passionate individuals:

  • Mentors and Coaches for the Extreme Build-A-Business Workshop taking place April 27 and 28 at the Real InterContinental Costa Rica.
  • Champions of entrepreneurs and startups from corporations, banks, accountants, marketers and promoters, business consultants and technology leaders
  • Entrepreneurs from various industries including: technology, software, tourism, restaurateurs, arts and crafts, fashion, green tech, social innovations and more

Expand Your Mentoring Skills, Improve Your Understanding of the Entrepreneurial Mindset, Take Your Current Mentoring and Coaching to the Next Level!

Increase Your Value as a Mentor:

  • Learn the six core entrepreneur mentoring principles
  • Enhance your insights into business building and customer development
  • Learn strategies for accelerating startups and new business development
  • Integrate the use of visual thinking tools to accelerate better decision making
  • Learn “Old School” Silicon Valley Business building methods

The challenges and obstacles of starting and building a new company are easier to navigate with the guidance of an experience role model, what we have come to know as a mentor. In the entrepreneur realm, mentors play a critical role in the education and development of business building skills of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

We invite you to become a certified GriffinWorx mentor and join us as we put a dent in the global entrepreneurial universe.

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