Mentorship-Driven Business-Building Events

48 Hour Business-Building Workshops

Extreme Build-A-Business Workshops are designed as either a 48-hour event or three-hour workshop. All Extreme Build-A-Business Workshops include a hyper-local mentor training and certification on the GriffinWorx business building methodology and use of our VizToolz in advance of the workshop itself. We utilize Build-A-Business Workshops as the first level vetting process to identify potential mentors to advance through our mentor certification programs with the goal of identifying potential Master Mentors.
Our 48-hour Extreme Build-A-Business Workshop is an ideal kick-off event for a StartUp Cup or WECREATE Challenge. This high-impact event allows organizers to work with and vet large numbers of business teams. We have extensive experience mentoring and coaching 100-300 business teams over the 48-hour period. Outcomes include, vetting and identification of the Top 25 businesses that advance into the multi-month competitive process along with a Top 25 certification ceremony at the conclusion of each 48-hour event.

The three-hour workshop is ideal to engage aspiring business builders, introducing them into the realities of what is required to build a sustainable business. For accelerators and incubators the three-hour workshop also serves as good vetting process to identify qualified entrepreneurs who are looking to participate in future cohorts.

Each Build-A-Business Workshop allows participants to advance their business idea or existing business through the following methodologies and sessions:

  • Business Model Design Through Visual Thinking | VizToolz
  • Bootstrapping Techniques and Methods
  • How To Create Value and How to Reach Target Customers
  • Go-to-Market Strategies That Produce Revenue and Avoid the Need for Traditional Fundraising
  • Connect Like-Minded Business Builders and Entrepreneurs From Your Community