Programming That Has Predictable Outcomes Driving Economic Growth

Inclusive economic empowerment programs operating in over 60 countries

As communities around the world attempt to find new ways to spur economic growth many have set their sights on macro-entrepreneurial growth by looking for the next big startup, typically technology-based, companies. Going unmet are the needs of startup micro-entrepreneurs; the 98% of innovators who are searching for universal business building mechanics, local connections, mentorship, and networks that support the development of sustainable businesses. GriffinWorx has a number of well-developed entrepreneurial community and business building models that are enhancing entrepreneurial ecosystems, growing entrepreneurs, jobs and community.

StartUpCup-Economic Empowerment

StartUp Cup is a proven business acceleration program having run over 208 times in over 72 countries since 2012. Organizers of a StartUp Cup are equipped with a turn-key system that includes: Website, judging and coaching module, online tools, step-by-step guide, self-guided design thinking tools, marketing templates and StartUp Cookbook. Business builders competing in a StartUp Cup are transformed into investment ready businesses as they build their business or take an existing one to the next level during the 6 – 7 month judging and mentoring driven Challenge.

Sectors that benefit from a StartUp Cup Challenge Include:

Innovation, Agriculture, Education, Corporations, Manufacturing, Medical, Textiles, Arts & Crafts

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WECREATE is pioneering the economic empowerment of women as a way to address gender equality. Centers in Cambodia, Kenya, Pakistan and Zambia are paving the way for our growing, global community of WECREATE entrepreneurs and business builders. The WECREATE Initiative is a public-private partnership between the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs and GriffinWorx.

The resources provided at each WECREATE Center enables women business builders to move from the informal sector into the formal sector while generating momentum for measurable economic and societal change. Specifically designed to advance gender equality in entrepreneurship through a GriffinWorx portfolio of programs, tools and events created to address the barriers faced by women seeking to start and grow their businesses. The Center’s collaborative approach will convene key players to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem in a culturally sensitive and safe environment for women.

Women receive tailored, experiential based education and resources devised to deal with their specific needs to start, scale and grow a business.

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startup academy

StartUp Academy is an experiential based business model design and revenue development acceleration program. This business-building program is growing new businesses and changing lives in Armenia, Cambodia, Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, the United States and Zambia. It can be replicated in any community by using the tools developed, tested and supported by a team of veteran GriffinWorx personnel ready to assist. It is well researched and uses a proven bootstrapping methodology that accelerates new and innovative businesses into the marketplace to start generating revenue rapidly.



The WECREATE Challenge business model competition is for women owned or women co-founded businesses only and is open to any type of business idea. Women entrepreneurs who compete are rewarded for tuning their idea into a viable business, going to market quickly, building a team, modifying their business model, and they learning what drives customers and revenue. Organizers of a WECREATE Challenge are equipped with a turn-key system that includes: Website, judging and coaching module, online tools, step-by- step guide, self-guided design thinking tools, marketing templates and StartUp Cookbook. Business builders competing in a WECREATE are transformed into investment ready businesses as they build their business or take an existing one to the next level during the 6 – 7 month judging and mentoring driven Challenge.

Palestine StartUp Cup

build a business

Our Extreme Build-A-Business Workshops are highly experiential, hyper-local mentorship-driven events designed to visually guide business builders and entrepreneurs through the universal steps required to design, test and build a viable business.



GriffinWorx utilizes a dynamic collection of self-guided visual and design thinking tools, what we call VizToolz, that support accelerating the design, testing and building of viable businesses. These visual thinking tools been developed by our Founder, Sean Griffin over the last 20 years of working with clients and partners in every conceivable industry.