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Experiential Entrepreneurial Mentor Training

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Experiential Mentor Training

We believe the role of Mentor to be sacred. However, just because a mentor has strong business experience does not mean he/she has the skills necessary to provide the constructive feedback that builds relationship and trust with an aspiring entrepreneur.

By stepping into the role of Mentor, you are taking on the responsibility of role model, motivator, advisor, coach, and door-opener, knowing that the only reward is in seeing the successes and failures of the entrepreneur you are mentoring. Come with us as we explore the most rewarding journey there is – – the role of Mentor.

We offer three levels of experiential-based entrepreneurial mentor training that leads to increasing the quality and quantity of mentors in a community. As a direct result this generates an increase in the quality and quantity of new startups and sustainable businesses in a community.

Level 1 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship Mentoring
Open to anyone with entrepreneurial experience and/or a business owner for many years that possesses a deep desire to share their experiences and skills with others.

Level 2 – Living the Six Core Principles of an Entrepreneur Mentor
Mentors have shown the behavior and experience to positively support the advancement of aspiring entrepreneurs and are ready to further develop their skills through a critical focus and experiential training on the Six Core Principals of Entrepreneur Mentorship. By invitation only.

Level 3 – Master Mentor Trainer
For mentors ready to expand their impact, strengthen their skills and are ready to take on the role of Train-the-Trainer. By invitation only.

Six Core Entrepreneur Mentoring Principles:

  1. Real World Experience
  2. Deep Listening
  3. Relationship Building
  4. Give it Away!
  5. Tough Love
  6. Strategic Questioning
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