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Unleashing the Power of Collective Action

Unlocking Collective Action and Increased Collaboration among Diverse Stakeholders

Over the last 10 years, GriffinWorx has been actively facilitating and designing the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems. We understand and have experienced the challenges of unlocking collective action and increased collaboration among diverse stakeholders from entrepreneurial ecosystems in countries such as Armenia, Egypt, Cambodia, Kenya, Pakistan, Vietnam, Zambia and more.

The GriffinWorx EcoBoost program convenes key stakeholders including business service providers, corporations, universities, government officials, investors, media and entrepreneurs from within an entrepreneurship ecosystem, visually facilitating them through a design thinking process that directly supports gaining a fresh perspective on mechanisms for increased collaboration that meets the specific needs of entrepreneurs in their community, state or country.

Stakeholders are graphically facilitated through a series of half-day EcoBoost sessions where we collect insights into where and entrepreneurial ecosystem currently is and where stakeholders want to take the ecosystem. This includes uncovering hidden opportunities for collaboration along with supporting stakeholders to focus on increasing their value in the ecosystem, culminating in actionable and measurable steps stakeholders will take individually and collectively to achieve co-created goals and objectives.

The EcoBoost program unleashes the power of collective action visually, making ecosystem goals and objectives more understandable, easier to communicate and faster to implement. Most importantly, the visuals awaken the full potential of individuals and organizations to naturally innovate and change.

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