GriffinWorx in Partnership with Orange Reaffirms Commitment to Growing Entrepreneurship in Egypt by Launching the Second Annual Orange StartUp Cup

GriffinWorx and Orange have launched the second annual Orange StartUp Cup Challenge, the seventh StartUp Cup to take place in Egypt. This business building competition has proven to support early-stage entrepreneurs with any type of business idea to design, test and build a viable business. Over the last six years, GriffinWorx has mobilized mentor networks, business service providers, non-governmental organizations, and communities in Egypt to grow an inclusive and innovative ecosystem.

Through the many StartUp Cup Challenges that have launched in Egypt, GriffinWorx has coached and mentored hundreds of startup teams through the business building process accelerated revenue creation, increased successful self-funding mechanisms and transformed the lives of Egypt’s entrepreneurial community.

The visually driven Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend is the kick-off event for the Orange StartUp Cup Challenge. Over 50 founders, consultants, executives and thought leaders will be coaching and mentoring participating businesses to identify the Top 25 most promising teams to advance into the 5-month acceleration program.

Competing businesses builders will receive no-cost support including tailored coaching and mentoring from founders, business leaders, executives and thought leaders. In the 2017 campaign, Orange StartUp Cup Challenge received an overwhelming 500 applications, with 5 Winners rising to the top that include: Bokra, Vetwork, Widepot , Imaginators and Mermaid.

GriffinWorx and Orange are proud to be building on the momentum generated over the last 6 years of entrepreneurial growth in Egypt by focusing on increasing the quality and quantity entrepreneurs and mentors that inspire new innovations in Egypt.

About GriffinWorx

GriffinWorx is an inclusive economic and gender empowerment non-profit organization that helps our partners achieve meaningful and enduring impact around the world. We bring the entrepreneurial spirit, courage and innovation of a world-class firm to address some of the world’s toughest challenges. Our team of change agents is focused on creating value for our partners and measurable social impact through our work.

GriffinWorx, one of the largest business building organizations in the world, operates a portfolio of proprietary and inclusive economic empowerment programming operating in over 60 countries.

About Orange

Orange is one of the most active and leading corporate citizens in Egypt. As the leading mobile operator in Egypt, we believe that we have duties and responsibilities towards the society that we serve.

Our philosophy has, and continues to be, that our success is not merely measured in financial terms, but in our commitment to serving our community and investing in its welfare.