Africa StartUp Cup Winner

Othmane Bekkair with fellow entrepreneurs during Africa StartUp Cup 2016 in Accra, Ghana.

A small rural Moroccan farmer lost his entire harvest one year. After spending months trying to figure out what went wrong, he ultimately learned he had planted too many crops, not allowing any of them to get the nutrients needed to grow. The farmer spent more time and more money to ultimately fail. It was an honest mistake, but one that cost his family’s well-being and financial security.

Othmane Bekkair, CEO of Gomobile, Morocco and Africa StartUp Cup winner, knew if the farmer had access to Ziggi, the first service from Gomobile, he would have been able to avoid this mistake. Ziggi collects vetted content on specific topics with users through phones. Users are able to select the information important to them and become better informed on specific topics. Currently the product is focused on agriculture and health, but there are plans to branch out with additional content in the future.

It is because of Othmane’s over 20 plus year background in the creating change for low-income communities in Africa that he was able to see the importance of providing verbal information to people. He has lived and worked in these communities and knows first hand what is needed to help them grow.

Gomobile’s is primed to play a major role in reducing the digital divide in Africa and connecting them to the wider world, or as Othmane puts it “connecting the unconnectable.”

The impact Gomobile is making has not gone unnoticed. This summer Othmane will be competing in World StartUp Cup and the 1776 Challenge Cup. Gomobile was also announced as top winner of the first regional Africa StartUp Cup, held in Ghana last month.