GriffinWorx Mentor Certification Program is designed to increase the knowledge, core principles and practice of high impact mentoring, that in-turn fosters the growth of sustainable businesses. 

GriffinWorx organized one of our Mentor Training Workshop with a collection of eBay employees at their New York City offices on Thursday, April 5, 2018. This workshop served as an in-house training and entrepreneurial mindset development activity for eBay employees. eBay employees now have the opportunity use their newfound mentorship knowledge during the 2018 NYC eBay StartUp Cup.

With a majority of business builders who will be participating in the NYC eBay StartUp Cup having limited or no experience starting or building a company, and few coaches experienced in the art of strategic questioning,  accelerated revenue development strategies, team development and the use of visual thinking tools, eBay employees now have the knowledge to:

  • Support each startup team to understand that they need to look beyond their business idea to advance their startup by introducing each team to the entrepreneurial mindset and visual thinking as a foundation for startup success
  • Share the key elements of business model design (using the Business Model Scorecard) including, customer development strategies, revenue model development, team building, bootstrapping techniques, and go to market strategies
  • Inspire startup teams to take action and start testing their customer and business model assumptions by going out and engaging customers, securing key licenses and certificates required to start their company, and start selling their product or service immediately to drive rapid revenue generation

The GriffinWorx Mentor Certification workshops are highly experiential and visually driven workshops where participants directly engage and mentor local aspiring entrepreneurs and startups in a real-world mentoring and coaching environment.

Interested in increasing the quality of mentors in your community or developing a mentor network? Contact us today and join our growing family of Certified GriffinWorx Mentors around the world.