StartUp Cup is a locally driven, business model competition open to any type of business idea. It can be replicated in any community and is a proven model to create viable businesses, grow jobs, and enhance entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Through the StartUp Cup competition entrepreneurs learn how to create a viable business model and grow their business through a locally driven judging, coaching, and mentoring process.

Communities commit the time, we provide the support and tools to accelerate their entrepreneurial economic development. StartUp Cup is a program designed to foster, mentor and coach entrepreneurs to successful launch of their business. StartUp Cup assists entrepreneurs in developing viable business models which can not only survive but thrive. By developing and fostering businesses that create jobs and contribute to the economic stability of the local community, StartUp Cup can be the seed needed to grow an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Thousands of hours were spent perfecting the StartUp Cup business model competition process. In Tulsa, the flagship city where this model has been tested and perfected for the last five years, more than 400 companies have participated in the process. Every StartUp Cup winner is still in business and has acknowledged this process as critical to that success.

Even those entrepreneurs who didn’t win but made to the top 12 semi-finalists benefit from the program. Of those companies, 61% are still in business and every level each has acknowledged the influence of this process.