Our very own Sean Griffin is attending the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool, England. Although he is “across the pond” he promised to post via twitter what he considered to be the most important thoughts and topics and would expand on them once he returned. Never ones to wait we thought we would share what he has shared so far. Of course you can see all the #GEC2012 tweets by clicking this link or see the real time tweets below.

Of all his tweets, this is the one which caught our eye  (can’t wait to hear more),

Some others which caught our eye:

“Find the right people for the job. Don’t be afraid to hire people smarter than you.” ~ Richard Branson

“Don’t chase money, chase success. When you achieve success, money will follow!” ~ Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

“Parents and universities resist teaching the safe path instead encourage risk-taking and mistake making” ~ Lord Michael Heseltine

“Don’t start anything to make money. Instead start something because you’re passionate about whatever does.” ~ Richard Branson

“Virgin started without any money. Bootstrapped all revenue to grow. “Use your imagination to create cash flow.” ~ Richard Branson

“Bureaucratic people can ruin the city and even the country.” ~ Daniel Linde

“Success in business comes down to luck. No plan. The staffs. No projections. Luck!” ~ Lord Michael Heseltine

We plan to post more and have a full debrief once he returns.

Until then, get Bizxe!