Soon after we posted our tweet updates from Sean he sent us an update. Not wanting to clog up his tweet stream and dominate ours he shared these tweet worthy notes and asked us to post them.2

“50% of all people would like to start a company. Only 5% actually do!” ~ Sir Terry Leahy

“I wanted to give up almost everyday. It’s like running a race. . . If you can push through the pain it will be Ok.” ~ James Dyson (Love it!)

“The art of delegation is key to running and creating company’s. Be brave and step aside as much as possible.” ~ Richard Branson

“Give people freedom to do their own thing and leave them alone. You can’t do everything.” ~ Richard Branson

“Think, how can I make a real difference in people’s lives and the money will follow.” ~ Richard Branson

“You have to better than the competition if you are going to succeed. Virgin is always better at whatever we choose to do.” ~ Richard Branson

“If you are going to be an entrepreneur you are going to fail. The difference is moving on and starting over. Easier said than done.” ~ Richard Branson

“Don’t start anything to make money. Start things because you are passionate about whatever that is.” ~ Richard Branson

“Dream big! Follow your passion. Test it. Hopefully you make money. It’s not all about the money.” ~ Richard Branson

“The best form of marketing is free marketing. Try to be unconventional with your promotion.” ~ Richard Branson