GriffinWorx is proud to announce that Chessfimee was the first place winner at the 2016 Armenia StartUp Cup, a competition sponsored by GriffinWorx, a business building organization working to grow the entrepreneur movement around the world. The fourth annual StartUp Cup took place in Yerevan, home to the nation’s largest business building organization.

Chessfimee is an online chess app in an area of the world where the game is an institution, played widely and actively taught in public schools. Chesfimee’s mobile app scans and analyzes the chessboard, determining potential moves and even allowing a user to play against the computer in an analog game. The technology’s developer, Gor Vardanyan, came up with the idea to help his children with their “chess homework.”

“The app can help all schoolchildren do their chess homework,” Vardanyan explained. “Moreover, many other people need an app such as this. We want to help all those who love chess and want to learn to play.” Their main income source will be solutions for professional chess players, which will allow them to offer the app more widely.

The team was given the opportunity to benefit from AMD 1,5 million worth professional training, consulting, mentoring services, as well as 6-month access to incubation space. The 2-nd and 3-rd place winners were awarded AMD 1,000,000 and 500,000 worth training, consulting, mentoring services, as well as 3 and 1-month access to incubation space. All three teams will be provided a free website from BizNest Entrepreneurship Center.

“We are excited to see the scope of StartUp Cup growing with every passing year. I’m seeing a real boost of entrepreneurial spirit, and more startup activity in Armenia than ever before,” said Araksya Martirosyan, the organizer of Armenia StartUp Cup.

Similarly, Roger Rausch of Roda Group Venture Capital echoed those sentiments, “The environment for starting a company has never been better. We have now a critical mass of talent in Armenia for attracting inflow of people to join us not only from within Armenia but abroad. We need our talent to focus on building companies with ideas and products that are competitive on a world basis.”

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