Russia StartUp Cup announced last month that FINAZZI won first-place prize at the 2016 Russia StartUp Cup, the final competition of 11 regional StartUp Cups organized by GriffinWorx, a business building organization working to grow the entrepreneur movement around the world. FINAZZI’s premise is simple: enter in your company’s finances, and then get back reliable data… on everything.

With just primary accounting data, the business intelligence platform generates a fully operable financial model, determines the fair value of a business, analyzes micro- and macroeconomic conditions, calculates inherent risks and then provides the most suitable risk-hedging instruments. The platform can also develop long-term financial forecasts and operational indicators, predicting the likelihood of success of a financial plan.

Copy financial data, paste it into the platform, and presto. The catch-all tool takes the guessing out of business planning for both small businesses and multinational enterprises alike. FINAZZI can then help generate prospective documents with graphs and graphics to hand to potential investors, helping them better evaluate and invest. Finally, the product also has the potential to educate policy makers, government officials and economic analysts on how to better invest in and predict instability in emerging countries and regions.  

It is the crux of a daring ambition to make big data more affordable and understandable, and FINAZZI’s digital “warehouses” make data easily accessible and easy to extract, transform, and load.


About GriffinWorx

GriffinWorx is an inclusive economic and gender empowerment organization that helps our partners achieve meaningful and enduring impact around the world. We bring the entrepreneurial spirit, courage and innovation of a world-class firm to address some of the world’s toughest challenges. The organization operates a portfolio of proprietary economic empowerment programs including, WECREATE, StartUp Cup, StartUp Academy and Mentor Certification operate in over 60 countries resulting in nearly 4,000 businesses, created over 40,000 jobs and generated over $744 million in economic impact.