Integrating Hyper-local Mentorship to Support Business Builders to Drive Innovation & Opportunities

The eBay Foundation and GriffinWorx launched the 2017 eBay StartUp Cup Challenge, a business model acceleration program held in four cities supporting underserved business builders with any type of business idea to design, test and build a viable business. Through the 5-month acceleration program, the eBay StartUp Cup Challenges culminated in awards celebrations providing a total of $70,000 in cash prizes. Meet the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners from Berlin, Brooklyn, Mumbai, and Washington, D.C. who have successfully launched their new startups or taken their existing concepts to the next level. We look forward to bring eBay StartUp Cup back to Berlin, Brooklyn, India, Washington D.C. and newly added Israel in 2018.

Berlin eBay StartUp Cup

First Place Winner: Digital Partners

Digital Partners is an Online Marketplace that connects and navigates the Technology Ecosystem to empower relationships between Tech Startups and SMEs. 

Second Place Winner: Menstrual Health Hub

The Menstrual Health Hub is the first-ever online global platform specifically designed to be the home for menstrual health actors and practitioners to connect, collaborate and strengthen impact around a critical aspect of women and girls’ empowerment and economic development.

Third Place Winner: By Heart Projects

By Heart Projects provide an online E-learning course that inspires, facilitates and mobilizes the next generation of social entrepreneurs

Brooklyn eBay StartUp Cup

First Place Winner: Whim NYC

Whim is your Full-Service & Automated Event Manager Whim helps Event Hosts.

Second Place Winner: Zera

 Zera connects listings to living by offering a holistic real estate experience. 

Third Place Winner: WishPoints,Inc

WishPoints provides a competitive advantage to travel companies by offering access to a bigger pool of future customers.

Over 500 participants applied to the initial Extreme Build-A-Business Weekends. These businesses were represented by at least 27 nationalities and 40 industries.

Mumbai  eBay StartUp Cup

First place winner: RecultaPvt. Ltd.

Reculta is building a marketplace like Amazon by digitizing & organizing the campus recruitment space.

Second Place Winner: Jai Mahalaxmi Tea Stall

Jai Mahalaxmi provide packaged Grab-and-Go Breakfast packages.

Third Place Winner: Saraswati Mahila Bachat

Saraswati Mahila Bhachat Ghat create Lapshi, a traditional Maharashtrian sweet dish made from broken wheat.

Washington, D.C.  eBay StartUp Cup

First place Winner: PTChat

PT CHAT seeks to build the capacity of schools and districts by providing them with the tools and information necessary to build collaborative partnerships between families and schools. 

Second Place Winner: ARC

ARC has developed IoT technology that allows threatened law enforcement, military, and federal security personnel to send life-saving information by simply gripping their firearm. Information sent through the technology enables timelier support, more effective threat mitigation, and detailed data for post-incident investigations and training.

Third Place Winner: DICE Leadership

The DICE Leadership Group provides organizations with the framework, training, and resources to effectively design and implement a successful diversity and inclusion program that boosts employee engagement, productivity, and empowerment at every level of the organization.

To create an Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, GriffinWorx certified mentors and trained eBay employees. GriffinWorx also partnered with local organizers, universities, incubators, and financial institutions. Collectively, these partners provided teams an opportunity to address the endemic technical and financial challenges crippling entrepreneurs from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities.

By reducing barriers to entrepreneurship, we can encourage innovation and more inclusive growth in communities. Look for more news to come from eBay Foundation and GriffinWorx. To find more details about the program, please visit