Jeremy Green, Founder, Real Time Rehab
Winner of the 2009 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award $30,000 prize.

No. of employees: 2 full time employees and 12 additional project contributors.

Product: Web-based database featuring home based exercise routines that physicians and rehab clinics provide to patients who are prescribed rehabilitation exercises after surgery or injury.
Funding: Real Time Rehab has raised over $550,000.

When Jeremy Green entered Real Time Rehab into the 2009 Tulsa Entrepreneurial Spirit Award Business Model Competition he was working on an idea that would disrupt the physical therapy rehabilitation industry.

We are all familiar with the stick figure drawings of exercises that doctors give patients to perform at home after leaving the doctors office. Jeremy saw the potential of transforming the rudimentary drawings we all have become accustomed to into video based therapy DVD’s.

The concept first pitched during the first round of the business model competitive process was to create a marketing vehicle for physicians and rehab professions. Custom exercise videos would be “burned” onto DVD’s for patients that would also include information about the physician or rehab professional. The DVD could then be utilized as a marketing tool for future patients.

“The judges and coaches of the business model competition were continually pushing me to think different about how to maximize my market potential through the creation of Web based videos for patients to download on demand as opposed to having individual physicians burning DVD’s,” Green recalls.

It did not take Jeremy long to figure out that to truly disrupt the rehabilitation industry he had to take his idea to the Web. Today he has generated a video database of over 1,500 rehabilitation exercises that are available on demand.

“The Spirit Award business model judging and coaching process supported transforming a good idea into a great idea, ” Green said. “The judges and coaches challenged me to create a viable business model and increase the revenue potential of my company. I am forever grateful.”