Emmanuel Nyame is the CEO and Founder of Dream Pathway International (DPI.) He has a proven track-record of helping entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams and accelerating their ideas; and as a student at the University of Ghana, he is very passionate about social entrepreneurship, tech, and governance. He has a heart for building businesses and is a great fan of Model United Nations. He has served a number of startups globally, including his recent client “HacherHouse International,” based in the United States, as well as “Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge,” based in Israel. Some notable entrepreneurial milestones include:

  • A guest author for “2 Billion Under 20” an online book composed of stories from young entrepreneurs under 20 years who are changing the world. It includes writers such as Stacey Ferreira, who successfully raised $1 Million from Sir Richard Branson, Jerry Murdock and Alex Welch, through Twitter, at 18 years old. As well as Jared Kleinert, CEO of Synergist, who was named “The Definition of Social Entrepreneurship” by Forbes Magazine at 17 years.
  • Taking part in Life-Link Ghana’s “Diplomat Reality Show” a 12-week programme that trains participants in UN Security Council procedures.
  • Curating for Startup Digest, a weekly digest for tech startups.
  • Proud member, Thiel Under 20 Summit Group, a group set up by the Thiel Foundation consisting of StartUp Entrepreneurs under 20 years old who share ideas, form partnerships, and discuss relative issues.

Emmanuel is always open to new ideas and partnerships, especially ones that are capable of growing the startup ecosystem around the world. The following are some of the experiences he has had during his entrepreneurial journey: To Read More, Click Here