Nothing of greatness is ever created without a team!

One of the essential elements in the success of any startup company is the ability to create, enroll, and motivate a team around a vision. It is not good enough to have a great idea you also have to be good at team development and the generation of collective action.

Building Your Core StartUp Team – There are three (3) critical Core Team members that make up the heart of any startup. And, here is the kicker, as a founder you are likely only “beautiful” at one of them. For the other two core team members you will want to find people as beautiful as you are at your core strength. What are the skill sets of these three core team members?

Ideator/Inventor – This is the person who comes up with new ideas for how to grow the business. invents new services and products with ease, and understands what customers want. This is the type of person who has an endless supply of ideas to turn into a business.

Financial Manager – This is the person who understands the business product or service and how to maximize revenue generating opportunities. Different from an accountant this person is focused on how to creatively increase revenue and make money from the product.

Promoter/Sales – This person is the PT Barnum of the world. Loves promoting an idea and can sell ice to Eskimo. Sales come naturally to this person. This is the type of person who is always looking for the next deal. Should have a keen ability to pitch a compelling message.

Which of these three are you most beautiful at?

Collecting Your Team – Become a collector of people. For the rest of your life you want to look at each new person you meet as a potential team member that can help move your vision forward. You never know when you will meet your next team member. Make a list and keep your mind and eyes open. Look for potential team members in the following places:

Personal Networks  |  Churches  |  Friends  |  Clubs  |  Networking Events  |   Job Boards  |  Social Media