Day2_StartUp_Cup-130by Guest Blogger, Norman Schwartz

I had the privileged opportunity to mentor at the Brooklyn eBay StartUp Cup Challenge, sponsored by the eBay Foundation and powered by GriffinWorx. StartUp Cup is business acceleration program pioneered by Sean Griffin in 2012, allowing enterprising entrepreneurs to take their business ideas to the next level by interfacing with trained mentors.

The mentors are trained by GriffinWorx’s team of experts using proprietary techniques developed which will bring the entrepreneurs into focus on modeling, finance, marketing, distribution and other aspects of business acumen.

By doing this, in staged 10-15 minute sequences, the mentors move on to each of the entrepreneur’s kiosks with defined visual thinking tools which aid in helping the entrepreneurs plan their business strategies to fulfillment.

This is a very entertaining experience for both aspiring business builders and mentors. Entrepreneurs are empowered by the aid and guidance of seasoned entrepreneurs and business executives adding value their distinctive disciplines.

The interaction between the mentors and entrepreneurs opens the dialogue for further Q & A as the process moves forward.

At the close of the Build-A-Business Workshop, the Top 25 businesses are selected by the mentors to advance in the Brooklyn eBay StartUp Cup Challenge continuing to perfect their business models, generate revenue and performance skill sets.

Norman D. Schwartz is an adjunct Professor and Executive in Residence Long Island University Brooklyn Campus. He is also the founder of NDS Financial Inc.