Reflecting the Collective Soul of Humanity


27 AI generated assets, 1,350 Bridgez tokens, your membership pass into the transformational world of entrepreneurial humanitarian work. If you have a burning desire to actively empower women, youth and refugee entrepreneurs, we welcome you to join us on our experimental journey growing an entrepreneur/Web3 mentor community on the blockchain.

Access to the Bridgez community of aspiring entrepreneurs Ghana, Pakistan, Uganda, and Zambia is immediate. Your Bridgez token plugs you into active, exclusive, virtual, metaverse and IRL transformational mentoring experiences being organized by GriffinWorx now and throughout the year.

An NFT Collection Bridging the Web3

Entrepreneurial Digital Divide

The Bridgez collection of 27 AI generative photographs reflect the collective soul of humanity through the eyes of driven women, youth and refugee entrepreneurs grinding through life in Bangladesh, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Ghana, Uganda and Zambia.   

Bridgez builds on GriffinWorx 12 years of activating mentoring communities and transformational entrepreneurship experiences that motivate aspiring entrepreneurs to rapidly design, test and build a self-funded business. President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, the United Nations and leaders from around the world have recognized GriffinWorx impact empowering women and youth throughout Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia.

GriffinWorx is a U.S. registered Not-for-Profit. Tokens minted by U.S. citizens are potentially eligible for a tax deduction. 

The Breakdown

  • Bridgez artwork is public domain
  • Total number of Bridgez membership tokens 1,350
  • 25 tokens (giveaways, marketing and partners)
  • Hosted on the polygon blockchain
  • 100% of Bridgez proceeds are utilized to expand GriffinWorx transformational mentoring experiences bridging the digital divide into the world of Web3, NFTs and the metaverse 
  • 1 Bridgez = 1 Mentor
  • 1 Bridgez = 3 Mentoring opportunities annually
  • Mentoring may include one-on-one, group, teams, sprints, and customized experiences
  • We have a menu of different mentoring times and commitment levels that make it easier to sign up and show up
  • Artwork is AI Deep Dream generative
  • No explicit rules for attribution or scarcity, all Bridgez are equally rare
  • Bridgez token holders will be responsible for all personal travel expenses associated with any potential in-country, Ghana, Pakistan, Uganda, Zambia mentoring experience
  • Future planning include: Metaverse based business accelerators, DAO, early startup investment opportunities and more

Our Partners