Want to learn insights on how to get funding for your business? With only 2% of startups getting the funding you need to find creative methods to get the financial resources necessary to grow your new company. The barriers holding back an entrepreneur from starting a new company have been broken down. Companies that used to require hundreds of thousands of dollars to start up can now launch with significantly less cash. Methodologies such as bootstrapping, business model development, and scenario planning, which were initially developed in the tech industry, can now be replicated and applied to any business idea by anyone who desires to start their own business. Reducing the time to launch a new company is critical to increasing the opportunity for success.

Sean Griffin walks us through how to start and build a business no matter what resources are currently available and how to grow those resources as a way to fund their new business venture is four easy steps:

  1. Generate Revenue
  2. Selling Your Assets to Create Cash
  3. Barter: Get it for Free
  4. Employee Equity