Amy_RobinsonI first became involved with StartUp Cup when I served as a mentor and coach with the Northwest Arkansas StartUp Cup. Working with the ideas and personalities of the entrepreneurs and companies was both rewarding and energy building beyond anything I’d experienced in my work or volunteer efforts. To add to that level of energy, I met Kristen Bergman, one of the bright and brilliant founders of the organization. The combination of these positive interactions, along with how the business philosophies of StartUp Cup expanded on my own, had me hooked. When I met Sean a few months later and he asked about my experience, I told him that I wished I could do it every day. He asked if he could record that statement and to watch what I wish for!

Seven months and several interactions later, a trip to Pakistan came up on the horizon. I didn’t hesitate. The company, the work and the reward made it a bright spot in my future. (You can read about some of our adventures on my blog!) Additionally, I’ve been asked to help produce the upcoming World StartUp Cup to be hosted in  Armenia in January, 2014. There, again, the team, their dedication and the company mission had me saying “yes” within minutes.

We returned from Pakistan a week ago and my high opinion and admiration of the StartUp Cup team, the work we are doing and the difference we are making has only grown. I’m looking forward to all that is ahead for StartUp Cup and feel privileged to be part of making a significant dent in the universe.