Mission Driven | Igniting Human Potential

GriffinWorx is an inclusive economic and gender empowerment non-profit organization that helps our partners achieve meaningful and enduring impact around the world. We bring the entrepreneurial spirit, courage and innovation of a world-class firm to address some of the world’s toughest challenges. Our team of change agents is focused on creating value for our partners and measureable social impact through our work.

GriffinWorx, one of the largest business building organizations in the world, operates a portfolio of proprietary and inclusive economic empowerment programming operating in over 60 countries. We offer end-to-end products and services that:

  • Generate predictable outcomes
  • Accelerate business ventures
  • Inspire innovation
  • Generate innovative, funding ready businesses
  • Create jobs
  • Empower women and youth
  • Enhance regional entrepreneurial ecosystems.

With a connected and engaged community of over 100,000 business builders around the globe, GriffinWorx specializes in mobilizing communities, entrepreneurs, innovators, stakeholders, business service providers and government officials to take strategic and collective action to make a positive difference in the world.

Igniting Human Potential

Business Builders Around the Globe

The GriffinWorx Difference

As an inclusive economic empowerment organization, we are uniquely positioned to create high impact and lasting results through the following methodology:

Turn-Key Products

All of GriffinWorx programming is based on a rapid implementation model. This enables anyone with passion to make a difference and positively impact their local ecosystem by applying GriffinWorx programming. GriffinWorx licenses curriculum to “hyper-local” grassroots organizers, corporations, universities, government entities, business service providers and nonprofit organizations that are looking for high impact programming that moves beyond the glitz and glamour of entrepreneurship by focusing on the process of building viable and sustainable businesses that are investment ready, with increased odds of success and reduced odds of failure.

Focus on the 98%

With less than 2% of all startups having a viable business model and are able to raise money from investors. They have an experienced team, connections, scalability, and are usually technology based. GriffinWorx focuses on the 98% of all entrepreneurs and startups who are not gaining access to the tools, resources, and financing opportunities that will give their new company the opportunity to grow. GriffinWorx is open to any type of business idea. We specifically target the underserved majority of startup businesses that lack experience and the resources to design, test, and build viable small, large and innovative businesses.

Bootstrapping Methodology

GriffinWorx utilizes an “Old School Silicon Valley Bootstrapping” methodology taught to GriffinWorx Founder, Sean Griffin. His mentors were Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari, Al Shugart, Founder of Seagate, and Michael McNeilly, Founder of Applied Materials. Our mantra is: “You don’t need funding you need revenue.” We provide the technical know-how to the entrepreneurs of how to apply bootstrapping to their business, and as a result, have an increased success rate in growing new businesses. We teach people how to start and build a business no matter what resources are currently available and how to grow those resources as a way to fund their new business venture.

Entrepreneurs Growing Entrepreneurs

GriffinWorx’s leadership is made up of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to being a part of positive change in the communities in which they live. We get our hands dirty by working directly with our “hyper-local” implementing partners to drive meaningful and enduring impact. In the process together we are creating change in the world.

Visual Thinking Design Tools

GriffinWorx has a proprietary collection of self-guided visual thinking tools, VizToolz®. They act like Legos, building on each other as they guide entrepreneurs from any background or educational level from vetting an idea to scaling the next innovative business. Our design tools build capacity and support new business builders to design, test and build sustainable businesses that stand the test of time.

Hyper-Local Partners

GriffinWorx builds capacity by focusing on empowering our ‘hyper-local” partners with the knowledge and skills for improving their operational and organizational capabilities. to meet their goals and objectives. Our success comes from building the capacity of our partners to the level of GriffinWorx team members.