2012 was a great year for StartUp Cup: we met and engaged hundreds of passionate and aspiring entrepreneurs, grew new jobs through startups, enhanced entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world, increased the quality and quantity of entrepreneurs, improved mentoring networks, and expanded global partnerships.

We are humbled and more motivated than ever to increase our impact with local and global entrepreneurial ecosystems in 2013.2012_StartUpCup_Impact

Here are some of the highlights:

StartUp Cup 2012 Impact

  • 543 Entrepreneurs received coaching and mentoring
  • 48 Coaching, mentoring, and judging events took place
  • 168 Coaches and mentors worked with entrepreneurs
  • 209 Startups competed in StartUp Cup business model competitions
  • 103 StartUp Cup startups are in operation
  • 474 Jobs have been created by StartUp Cup startups

Long Term Impact (since 2007)
To date, more than 361 startups have competed in StartUp Cup. Even those who didn’t win First Place have shared how important the business building process has been to their success, especially highlighted are the judging and mentoring sessions.

  • 92% of the First Place winners remain in operation and one is now listed on the Inc. 500
  • 74% of the “Top Three” winners remain in operation
  • 61% of “Top 12″ semi-finalists remain in operation

StartUp Cup is an official partner of the U.S. Department of State’s Global Entrepreneurship Program and a Featured Event of Global Entrepreneurship Week.