WECREATE | ZAMBIA’s history of coaching and mentoring over 12,000 women business builders inspires First Lady of Zambia…

Mrs Esther Lungu, First Lady of Zambia, announces the launch of the 50MillionWomenAfrican Platform during a visit with WECREATE business builders in Lusaka.

Graduates of Griffinworx’s WECREATE | ZAMBIA spoke to Mrs Esther Lungu about women entrepreneurship in the country. The First Lady says that prioritising women in business is critical to Zambia’s future economic prosperity and overall development.

“It is indisputable

[that] women, just like their male counterparts, posses huge potential. Thankfully, the Zambian government has initiated many programs in recent times to ensure that women take an active role in the nations economic agenda.” – Mrs Esther Lungu

Read the full Lusaka Times article here.


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