GriffinWorx News & Insights November 2017

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We are empowering a culture of startups in communities around the world through experiential-based business model competitions that provide accelerated go to market coaching and mentoring. Learn more about our latest news and insights.  Read More

Costa Rica Entrepreneurial Ecosystem EcoBoost Report

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San Jose, Costa Rica - On April 28, 2017 as part of a two-day AWS Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend, the GriffinWorx team convened a group of stakeholders, business service providers and entrepreneurs from within the Costa Rican/South America entrepreneurship ecosystem to gain a fresh perspective on the gaps and needs for the entrepreneurs in the country. The stakeholders [...]

GriffinWorx and Sou Sou Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Entrepreneurs with Technical Assistance and Capital

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Did you know that less than 1% of all entrepreneurs receive a business loan or private equity within their first 3 years? The odds are even worse for women, youth, and other disadvantaged groups. In fact, 99% of nascent companies use personal savings, friends, and family contributions to start or grow a business. What’s worse is [...]

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Bangladesh StartUp Cup Launches Seven City/District nationwide Business Model Competition

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‘What continues to strike me is the resilience of the people, the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh’ The StartUp Cup 2017 – a flagship business model competition – has begun in the city with a view to creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurs. This year’s theme of the StartUp event is – Nurture locally, Scale nationally. The Netherlands Embassy, [...]

WECREATE Launches in Papua New Guinea

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GriffinWorx is proud to announce the first WECREATE Challenge in Papua New Guinea is starting off with a bang. The WECREATE Challenge is a business model competition open to women-owned, co-founded and led businesses and business ideas. The PNG  WECREATE Challenge opened applications in October and has received a total of 115 applications in fields ranging [...]

Visually Thinking Your Way to a Better StartUp

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Your ability to draw images, even stick figures, representing your thoughts and visions has a powerful ability to accelerate their manifestation. Visual thinking helps you focus and think more clearly, boost your creative I.Q. and think bigger thoughts. Some of the most famous thinkers in history, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and John F. Kennedy, have been [...]

FINAZZI Wins First Place at 2016 Russia StartUp Cup

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  Russia StartUp Cup announced last month that FINAZZI won first-place prize at the 2016 Russia StartUp Cup, the final competition of 11 regional StartUp Cups organized by GriffinWorx, a business building organization working to grow the entrepreneur movement around the world. FINAZZI’s premise is simple: enter in your company’s finances, and then get back reliable [...]

Chessfimee Wins First Place at the 2016 Armenia StartUp Cup

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GriffinWorx is proud to announce that Chessfimee was the first place winner at the 2016 Armenia StartUp Cup, a competition sponsored by GriffinWorx, a business building organization working to grow the entrepreneur movement around the world. The fourth annual StartUp Cup took place in Yerevan, home to the nation’s largest business building organization. Chessfimee is an [...]

GriffinWorx News & Insights November 2016

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Russia StartUp Cup Announces Finazzi as First Place Winner During the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 The Russia StartUp Cup awards ceremony took place in St. Petersburg on November 18, 2016. Russia StartUp Cup is one of Russia's largest and longest-running startup competitions. This year, Russia StartUp Cup announced Finazzi as the first place winner. Finazzi is a platform that uses primary financial [...]

WECREATE | CAMBODIA Celebrates Handover in Phnom Penh

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On Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 , WECREATE | CAMBODIA celebrated the signing of an MOU with Paz y Desarrollo (PYD), which translates to “Peace and Development”, an organisation which has helped manage development initiatives in more than a dozen nations worldwide. GriffinWorx, which founded the Center in 2015, has licensed WECREATE and its portfolio to PYD. [...]