The Entrepreneurial Mindset

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All of us are looking for ways to become more creative and innovative and one of the keys to unlocking your potential is an entrepreneurial mindset –a way of thinking and behaving like an entrepreneur. This does not mean you have to be an entrepreneur or start a business. We are all entrepreneurs, born [...]

2018 Israel eBay StartUp Cup | Launch Announcement

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eBay StartUp Cup Challenge Launches for the First Time in Israel eBay continues to empower underserved populations around the world to design, test, and build innovative businesses The eBay StartUp Cup Challenge – a business competition powered by GriffinWorx that supports early stage entrepreneurs – has announced that the Israel eBay StartUp Cup will be accepting [...]


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GriffinWorx, one of the largest business building organizations in the world, today announced that Roman S. Ponos has joined their growing team as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ponos will provide strategic leadership while managing GriffinWorx global team of entrepreneurs, program managers, event organizers and business mentors. Sean Griffin, Founder and previous CEO, will transition to the [...]

Actor Ashton Kutcher Invests In Pakistan StartUp Cup Winner, Cowlar

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Known as the ‘Fitbit for cows’, this is not the first time the Pakistani startup Cowlar has been backed by Aston Kutcher. His efforts have helped the dairy farmers increase their milk yield by 15%. Cowlar provides a smart collar for cows which help the farmers keep check on their cattle. The smart collar provides a way to keep [...]

Costa Rica Entrepreneurial Ecosystem EcoBoost Report

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San Jose, Costa Rica - On April 28, 2017 as part of a two-day AWS Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend, the GriffinWorx team convened a group of stakeholders, business service providers and entrepreneurs from within the Costa Rican/South America entrepreneurship ecosystem to gain a fresh perspective on the gaps and needs for the entrepreneurs in the country. The stakeholders [...]

Brooklyn eBay StartUp Cup Mentor Shares His Extreme-Build-A-Business Weekend Experience

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by Guest Blogger, Norman Schwartz I had the privileged opportunity to mentor at the Brooklyn eBay StartUp Cup Challenge, sponsored by the eBay Foundation and powered by GriffinWorx. StartUp Cup is business acceleration program pioneered by Sean Griffin in 2012, allowing enterprising entrepreneurs to take their business ideas to the next level by interfacing with trained [...]

GriffinWorx and Sou Sou Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Entrepreneurs with Technical Assistance and Capital

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Did you know that less than 1% of all entrepreneurs receive a business loan or private equity within their first 3 years? The odds are even worse for women, youth, and other disadvantaged groups. In fact, 99% of nascent companies use personal savings, friends, and family contributions to start or grow a business. What’s worse is [...]

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eBay StartUp Cup Challenge Launches in Four Global Cities

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Mentors from eBay will work with entrepreneurs, creating opportunities and supporting innovation. eBay Foundation and GriffinWorx have launched the 2017 eBay StartUp Cup Challenge, a business model competition in four cities helping early stage entrepreneurs with any type of business idea to design, test and build a viable business. Through a competitive selection process over several [...]

Bangladesh StartUp Cup Launches Seven City/District nationwide Business Model Competition

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‘What continues to strike me is the resilience of the people, the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh’ The StartUp Cup 2017 – a flagship business model competition – has begun in the city with a view to creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurs. This year’s theme of the StartUp event is – Nurture locally, Scale nationally. The Netherlands Embassy, [...]

World StartUp Cup Winner, Patari Raises $200,000

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Patari, one of Pakistan’s most celebrated startups announced this Friday that it has secured US$ 200,000 of seed stage funding from Sarmayacar, an investor syndicate. Patari, a music streaming service that has already won several awards, announced the investment details in a signing event in Lahore. The signing event featured Patari’s team, including its founders and [...]