The StartUp Cup Team is proud to continue our collaboration with USAID, Egypt’s Competitiveness Program (ECP), and Egypt’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Mike Ducker. A small team from StartUp Cup  traveled to Egypt on May 5th to continue building momentum on the capacity building initiatives that we have been facilitating over the last year. We are particularly excited to announce the second annual Cairo StartUp Cup being organized by Innoventures and MCSBE, and the first annual Alexandria StartUp Cup being organized by EBDA and inno101. These business model competitions promise to encourage and build even more sustainable businesses in Cairo than in 2012, and now in Alexandria as well.

2012 Cairo StartUp Cup Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend

While in Egypt, StartUp Cup will be conducting three experiential-based Master Mentor training programs in an effort to increase the quality and quantity of mentors in Cairo and Alexandria. We will also begin training implementation of a StartUp Academy in Egypt. StartUp Academy is an eight-week (or fifteen-week) experiential business building course led by a collection of local business-building mentors. These mentors are trained by our StartUp Cup Master Mentors and will share their expertise with tailored solutions that support local new business creation.

Sean Griffin, StartUp Cup CEO & Founder, will also be the lead facilitator for a series of Business Model and Mentor training sessions in Cairo and Alexandria. These highly experiential, mentor-driven programs are designed to visually facilitate entrepreneurs through the universal steps required to design, start and build a sustainable business. To wrap up his stay in Egypt, Sean will be a featured speaker at Startup Weekend Giza, May 16-18.

Sean’s excitement is contagious among the StartUp Cup Team; we are so excited to work alongside the Cairo and Alexandria StartUp Cups helping to grow their communities and building thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems.